Artist Reception and Juried Awards Presentation

2019 Juried Competition Award

The Jackie Autry Purchase Award

  • Susan Hudson, (Navajo) Booth B28
  • Corey Stein, (Tlinget) Booth E8

Best of Show

  • Rhonda Holy Bear, (Cheyenne River Sioux - Lakota) Booth B7

Best of Basketry

  • First Place – Donald Johnston, (Quagan Tayagungin (Aleut)) Booth B4
  • Second Place – Vivian Garner Cottrell, (Cherokee) Booth B22

Best of Beadwork and Quillwork

  • First Place – Rhonda Holy Bear, (Cheyenne River Sioux - Lakota) Booth B7
  • Second Place – Corey Stein, (Tlinget) Booth E8

Best of Clothing and Personal Attire

  • First Place – Michelle Tsosie Sisneros, (Santa Clara Pueblo / Dineh) Booth C19
  • Second Place – Catherine Black Horse, (Seminole Nation) Booth D30

Best of Diverse Cultural Art Forms

  • First Place – Jolene Bird, (Santo Domingo Pueblo) Booth A9
  • Second Place – Glenda McKay, (Ingalik-Athabascan) Booth B1

Best of Jewelry

  • First Place – Ernest Benally, (Navajo) Booth B14
  • Second Place – Kevin Pourier, (Oglala Lakota) Booth B12

Best of Painting and Mixed Media

  • First Place – Terrance Guardipee, (Blackfeet Nation) Booth D30
  • Second Place – Michael Toya, (Jemez Pueblo) Booth A35

Best of Photography

  • First Place – Zoe Urness, (Tlingit) Booth A4
  • Second Place – Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose, (Navajo / Southern Ute) Booth D14

Best of Pottery

  • First Place – Anderson Jamie Peynetsa, (Zuni) Booth B19
  • Second Place – Lorraine Gala-Lewis, (Laguna Pueblo) Booth D39

Best of Sculpture

  • First Place – Lyndon Tsosie, (Navajo) Booth B32
  • Second Place – Leah and Cliff Fragua, (Jemez Pueblo) Booth D15

Best of Textiles

  • First Place – Mona Laughing, (Navajo) Booth C2
  • Second Place – Rena Begay, (Navajo) Booth C3

Best of Wooden Carving

  • First Place – Eric Kayquoptewa, (Hopi) Booth B11
  • Second Place – Shawn Deel, (Hopi / Navajo) Booth D35

Judge’s Choice

  • Susan Hudson, (Navajo) Booth B28
  • Peggy Fontenot, (Patawomeck / Potawatomi) Booth A27
  • Gilmore Scott, (Diné (Navajo) Booth A5
  • Monica Jo Raphael, (Anishinaabe-Sicangu Lakota) Booth A40
  • Clint McKay, (Dry Creek Pomo / Wappo / Wintun) Booth A14
  • Donald Johnston, (Quagan Tayagungin (Aleut)) Booth B4

Outstanding Achievement by a Youth Artist

  • Fiona Henry, Booth D10
  • Aydrian Day, Booth A40
  • Ellarose Bednorz, A27
  • Elijah Bednorz, A27
  • Ethan Laughing, C2